Steve is simply an amazing coach with a profound gift to touch people's lives! 

Steve sees right through the situation and the stories to the core and the truth.  His guidance through tough situations and difficult times helped me to turn them around into opportunities to learn about myself and empower my life.  He keeps me present in the moment - all the time! 

Thanks to him I live an authentic life devoid of drama where I am free to be myself and be totally cool with that. 

My gratitude towards having this incredible person in my life is endless!  I wish that everybody had an opportunity to have access to such phenomenal coaching. 

Thank you, Steve, for showing me that happiness, love, freedom, self-expression, power and peace for myself is available anytime I want it!  


Laura Moore and Luke

Steve  has been a vision holder for the dreams I have committed to creating for myself, my business, and my family.

As both a professional and personal coach, Steve hears what I say I want for my life, then acts as my partner in believing and working towards that vision with me, standing for my success every step of the way.

He offers a consistent reinforcement of faith, plus a cornerstone of constructive feed back, on the journey to realizing my potential for success.

I feel appreciation and gratitude for the difference he has made in my life. 

ms Laura Moore,     www.wholefoodsvictoria.ca

Zen and Coaching
Steve Ranger, besides being a warm and generous man, is an accurate and sensitive coach. He is consistent, and a true human being. For two years he followed the arc of my life and walked through it with me as I grew and became more honest, more genuine, and capable of realizing whatever I set my mind to. When I met Steve I wanted to be an artist, but had very little self-confidence. Through our coaching process I began opening my studio and representing myself to the public as an artist. I began exhibiting and selling and renting my paintings. I also took a year-long leadership training course that I never would have imagined myself courageous enough to complete
Because of Steve I completed it and overcame barrier after barrier to personal success. One huge hurdle was to develop my own business with flexible hours in order to support myself as an artist. I never in my wildest dreams imagined myself as an independent business person, but I did this successfully for two years. This has always been the outcome of our work together. His genuine gift of love makes him a remarkable coach and a true friend. I am currently residing in South Korea and teaching English in a National University — realizing and expressing another aspect of my creativity: my love of English, English Literature, theatre and drama. Once again, I couldn't in my wildest dreams have imagined myself here, having tons of fun with university students who seem to truly enjoy my brand of teaching English through drama and literature.
I'm thrilled to recommend Steve Ranger as a coach to anyone.
Angela Lee Mcintyre

"Steve is an authentic man who pushes me to my limits in the realm of the psychological.  With his coaching I have been able to uncover certain things about my being that I never knew existed.  His coaching has led me to have breakthroughs, which have altered the way I perceive the world and myself.  Thank you Steve for helping me realize I am loveable and that my strength is boundless." 

 Buddhist Mind
Emily P

To be at peace with yourself is not only a gift to you but a gift to the world.

When you deal with all your 'stuff', you create a space in your life, this space can be filled with whatever and whomever you like. 

It is an amazing thing, this space, because once it is there you see just how much room and energy all that 'stuff' was taking up. 

The effect of a coaching conversation with Steve is similar to that of a physical tidying task, such as cleaning out a closet, then you are free to be the person you literally dreamed about.
Before coaching sessions with Steve I was reactive, accusatory and insecure about who I was.  Now I am proactive, reflective and confident in who I am. 

The great thing about Steve is that he is enthusiastic to conquer new issues as they arise.


Marilyn the venus on a sunny day.

Two months ago I was a wreck, stressed out physically and mentally by life. .

Having just two conversations with Steve gave me a better understanding of my situation and myself.  As he listened and asked questions I gained an understanding of my strengths and motivations.  We talked about my past to understand the present and influence the future.  His intuition, insight and positive attitude has led to the reality of me being calm, healthy and happy.  I now see my future as a place where my desires are possible. It is great!